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    (Sheath only...no attachment or knife)This .093 Kyrptek Mandrake fold-over Kydex sheath is for the TOPS Prather War Bowie. It is made from .093 Kryptek Mandrake Kydex by Red Hill Sheaths the preferred and referred sheath maker by Jeff Prather. (Knife or carry option not included) International shipping is also available. The top three Eyelets are spaced at 3/4" apart. It will accept a Tek-Lok or other carry options. Check Red Hill Sheaths for other options, colors, or a left-handed sheath. This sheath can be used for left- or right-hand carry and draw, but the eyelets are set with the glossy factory side to be right-hand carry or left side carry for right-hand cross draw. The sheaths in the pictures are all made by Red Hill Sheaths and may not be your exact sheath. Patterns and setup may differ slightly. My Prather War Bowie sheaths are made so you can get a full grip on the handle before drawing the knife, you can get a quick draw by using your thumb to help draw the knife out of the sheath or a firm pull. (Again, this sheath is designed to Jeff Prather's specs and approval) My sheaths will hold the knife firm with absolutely no rattle. Red Hill Sheaths has been making Kydex sheaths since 2005 and are proven in severe conditions around the world to be extremely durable, consistent, and high quality. I always use .093 thick Kydex to keep that durable, consistent quality that Red Hill is known for!! Red Hill is a premium custom Kydex sheath maker at reasonable prices.