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    This custom TOPS Knives HOG 4.5 Kryptek Mandrake sheath is made by Red Hill Sheaths. It is .093 thick Kydex with a closed Kydex belt loop set up for right hand draw scout carry or right side carry left hand cross draw with a slight cant handle up. The belt loop will fit up to a 1 3/4" wide, 1/4" loose and 3/8" tight thick belt and is also .093 Kydex in Mandrake. The picture is a sheath that was made by Red Hill Sheaths and may not be your exact sheath. The pattern may be slightly different depending on the cut from the Kydex. If this sheath is out of stock, or you would like a different Kydex color or other carry options please visit the knives in house to make sheaths from category to build your sheath! The belt loop is removable and the sheath can take a Blade-Tech large Tek-Lok, IWB loop, Molle Lok, along with many other carry options. Accessories can also be added to the sheath. The sheath has a good "click" when the knife is inserted and an easy one handed release with a smooth non hang up draw. Absolutely no rattle!! Also includes free shipping.