Build your own Knives of Alaska Bush Camp Custom sheath! I use my Factory Knives of Alaska with Suregrip handles so you do not have to send yours in. **My Bush Camp  will work fine as long as you have not modified the blade or handles from factory specs and have the Suregrip handles**. Photos are from past sheaths I have made, patterns and finished product may differ slightly with every sheath being custom hand made. The sheath is set up with the top three blade side holes being 3/4" apart set up for Blade-Tech Tek-Lok. All my attachments are attached with Chicago Screws and can be removed and swapped around. All my sheaths are made from .093 Kydex and have a bottom drain hole with additional 3 small drain holes on the back of the sheath also. If you have any questions about other colors, patterns, carry, or accessories options please use the contact tab on redhillsheaths.com home page or email chris@redhillsheaths.com before ordering and I can help you with your custom build and proceed with the order there. Also includes free USA first class shipping. International shipping is also available. You Pick fold over or 2 piece sheath. A 2 piece is more versatile and is easier to add to with additional carry options in the future after using the knife and sheath combo. A fold over saves 3/8" width from a 2 piece.  (KNIFE NOT INCLUDED) Depending on shop work load when ordering your sheath turn around time could be 1 to 5 weeks. My Bush Camp sheaths are made so you can get a full grip on the handle before drawing the knife, you can get a quick draw with using your thumb to help draw the knife out of the sheath. My sheaths will hold the knife firm with absolutely no rattle. Red Hill Sheaths has been making Kydex sheaths since 2005 and are proven in severe conditions around the world and to be extremely durable, consistent, and high quality. I always use .093 thick Kydex to keep that durable, consistent quality that Red Hill is known for!!